Everything you need for daylight savings

As the nights draw in, we cover all the essentials you might need to safely enjoy the darker months in our latest guide.

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Cosy season has hit the UK, and with it comes an extra hour of sleep (for one day only, sadly), jacket weather, and festive feels. It’s time to hunker down with a mug of tea and a good Netflix series, and wait for the Christmas vibes to kick in. Alternatively, if you’re keen on getting out and about this December there’s plenty to do, whether it’s in daylight or not.

However, besides the shadows cast by the 4pm sunset, there’s another gloomy side to this time of year. With an increase in awareness of violence against women within the last year, including recent publicised incidents of spiking in clubs and bars, many are feeling frustrated, fearful and at a loss at how to enjoy normal life without becoming a victim of a crime. As the days become darker, the emphasis on safety becomes stronger. Charities such as End Violence Against Women are campaigning to do just that. The Home Office has pointed to a £25 million safer streets fund, and social media influencers are using their platforms to call on clubs and bars to take more responsibility when it comes to the safety of patrons. Earlier this year, London-based artist Eve De Haan donated all profits from her ‘Text Me When You Get Home’ charity campaign to make the UK a safer, fairer place for women. While more action needs to be taken, including extra funding and policy, it is important we are taking care of ourselves and each other.

With this in mind, this month’s guide contains a range of handy tools and gadgets to help you stay safe and comfortable during this time of year, all the while having fun, socialising and engaging in self-care activities to keep you feeling your best in the run up to the festive season.

GGTGTUK on Etsy Safety Keychain
GGTGTUK on Etsy Safety Keychain, from £20
Empowered By Ashley Personal Safety Alarm
Empowered By Ashley Personal Safety Alarm, £24.95
Very Coat
Very Coat, £66.99
Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2
Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2, £109.95
SHAKE2SAFETY app, free download
Boxing gloves
Third Space Combat classes,from £180 per month
BRUISED movie, out 19th November
Kiprun at Decathlon Running Light
Kiprun at Decathlon Running Light, £29.99
Rishon at Amazon Addalock
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