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Braids & Waves

“If your hair is down and wavy during the day then simply braid the middle section and secure it on the top of your head, keeping the rest looking tousled and voluminous,” recommends awardwinning hairstylist Charlotte Mensah. Finish off the look using MANKETTI OIL Finishing Mist, £38.

Braided up do

Braided Up-Do

Braids are a perfect way to transform your hair from day to night. Add extra style points by weaving a silk scarf through the braid, leaving the fabric out or pinned in at the ends. “Simply cross two plaits over each other, tucking the ends under and secure in place with a Kirby grip," says Charlotte Mensah. Finish off the look using a MANKETTI OIL Hair Oil, £48.


Twisted Up-Do

“To achieve this look, apply a generous cocktail of L’ORÉAL Professionnel Natural Liss and L’ORÉAL Professionnel Mythic Oil, £12.75, all over the hair," says Nicole Iroh. "Section it into two to three random ponytails and then secure with elastic. You then twist each ponytail until it starts to buckle before securing with pins. Be creative with the placement of the ponytails to achieve different looks - try lower in the nape as seen at Paco Rabanne Runway or higher like on Issey Miyake's models.”

Halo braid

Halo Braid

If your hair isn't looking its best after a long day, then this style is for you. Achieving it is a breeze: simply detangle the ends before making one continuous braid around your head. Lastly, pull on the braid so that it is thicker in certain sections tocreate a messier lived-in look.


The cuffed crown

If you have braids, then take the first three or four at the front of your head and cover them with gold cuffs. Twist the braids back and tie-up behind the head to form a crown-like shape. Voila!


Braided Chignon

“Cornrowed hairstyles can be transformed by twisting the ends together before rolling them into a chignon and securing with pins. Use KERACARE Silken Seal Liquid Sheen, £12.45 to tackle any flyaways created by the office air and create a luxurious and chic shiny 'do,” says Nicole Iroh.

Power pony

Power Pony

“A staple of many shows this season, the ponytail is a versatile hairstyle that can be easily adapted for the dance floor," advises Nicole Iroh, creative ambassador for Headmasters salons. "Product choice and placement of the ponytail will make all the difference and comb-marks are a great way of shaping and adding interest. Use REVLON Realistic Strengthening Edge Control, £5.49, on the root area and then rake through with a wide tooth comb before gathering the hair into a ponytail. Pull it back smoothly or leave loose and let your natural texture show through.”

Michelle Thompson Hair
Michelle Thompson Hair

Editor's Choice: Bantu knot-out

A bold bantu style is a great way to keep your hair off your face during working hours. But undo the knots and you're left with next level curls. Full and bouncy, this desk to dancefloor style is perfect for anyone who is transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. Prior to putting your hair into knots, simply spritz with JOICO CURL Perfected Correcting Milk, £10.75, and pull loose for the ultimate party look.

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