Dare to bare

Sex expert Dami Olonisakin shares anecdotes from her award-winning blog about the challenges of keeping it cute in the bedroom

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Dare to Bare
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Dami Olonisakin

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that couples everywhere will be planning romantic evenings. For many ladies, the hunt is on to find the perfect figure-hugging dress and sexy lingerie to end the evening with. But what do you do if this is the first time you’re sharing a hotel room and he hasn’t seen you without your foundation and perfectly laid wig?

I speak to three ladies who admit to some awkward hair and make-up mishaps in the bedroom, yet also express what it meant to allow their partners to see them au naturel.

‘I’ve had my wig nearly slip off in the past'

My partners in the past knew that I wore wigs as I’m very open about it. I know the fantasy of wanting my hair pulled on can’t exactly be ticked off my bucket list at the moment, but I’d like to experience it one day. I just haven’t found the right guy who has made me feel comfortable enough to do so. I’ve had my wig nearly slip off in the past, but quickly readjusted it with ultimate speed. I’ve now invested in some custom-made wigs that have a secure fit and it makes me feel more comfortable during intimacy.

Catherine, 29

'My eyebrows went missing'

As a make-up artist I’ve always known the best ways to make my make-up last for hours. However, when I’m having sex I try to voice that I don’t want my face touched at all, which is kind of hard since sex involves a lot of kissing. One steamy night, after getting dolled up, my boyfriend got ahead of himself and both my eyebrows went missing after he accidentally rubbed them off. It was embarrassing but we laughed about it and shortly afterwards I wiped off the rest of my make-up. Since then I’ve become less self-conscious.

Veronica, 26

'Him seeing me before getting my hair done used to be a big no-no'

I always want to feel sexy for my boyfriend, so I like to try different hairstyles. Letting him see me just before I got my hair done used to be a big no-no, but over time I didn’t notice the transition of hiding just before a hair appointment to asking him for help when taking out my braids. I think this was down to trust and feeling at ease after dating for a while. Plus he always talks about how much he loves my hair.

Sam, 22

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