Condensed beauty: 2022's answer to skinimalism

Last year, we made an effort to condense our beauty routines. This year, our favourite skincare brands are doing it for us.

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Bathroom shelves have, over the years, become encumbered with so many products to the point where no one could possibly utilise each formula in their personal skincare regimen. There have been those products that have upgraded to the beauty Hall of Fame - hello, hyaluronic acid serums - and those that have been relegated to the back of the pack - cue traumatic flashback to those painful peel-off, pore-stripping masks.

While, in 2021, we might have curbed an impulse to try each new skincare trend as soon as it hit TikTok, and cleared our shelves to the point where we now have three or four go-to products visible, this year skincare brands have taken note and given us something new to talk about: condensed beauty. While this might look like just another trend, it's something that is much welcomed following years of waste and excess packaging, not to mention the negative impact on your skin from trying too many new and unsuited products.

Condensed beauty complements the 2021 trend of 'skinimalism' by introducing waterless, concentrated and one-ingredient products, which increase efficacy while reducing emissions, packaging and general impact on the environment. Here are the brands leading the charge:

Biossance Squalane and Vitamin C Rose Oil
Biossance Squalane and Vitamin C Rose Oil, £55
Liha Beauty Ivory Shea Butter
Liha Beauty Ivory Shea Butter, £22
SBTRCT Makeup Melt
SBTRCT Makeup Melt, £22
Forgo Powder to Gel Bodywash, £45
Ayuna Spirulite Multiactive Solid Mask
Ayuna Spirulite Multiactive Solid Mask, $75

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