Colourism: An exhibition by Caroline Chinakwe

The Nigerian born, UK-based artist's art and lifestyle brand, CHINAKWE, holds its first solo exhibition at BRXTN Studios this week.


Calling all lovers of art, African culture and bespoke lifestyle products. The new and fast progressing contemporary, Afro Lux art and lifestyle brand, CHINAKWE, by Nigeria born and UK based, self taught, mixed media artist Caroline Chinakwe, is proud to announce its first solo exhibition for the artist’s latest series - ‘Colourism’, the truth about skin tone bias.

The exclusive preview, taking place on 29th July, features confirmed guests from the art and entertainment industries, including actor Charles Venn, singer Beverley Knight and renowned broadcaster Brenda Emmanus, to name a few.


Highlighting the lack of representation in the lifestyle industry

Caroline Chinakwe studied fashion design and technology at the renowned London College of fashion, before working in the industry in fashion production, design and later on as a stylist. Caroline transitioned to art after feeling disillusioned by the depiction of black models in the industry and the lack of true representation of the black-western culture in Lifestyle products and fashion.


The London-based designer and mother of 3, first conceptualised CHINAKWE in 2019 with the intention of increasing the visibility and appreciation of black culture, beauty, and style to a multicultural consumer and in 2021 in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and following a tumultuous 12 months and the rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Caroline launched her latest art series ‘Colourism’ and her Lifestyle brand CHINAKWE.

Caroline brings a mix of her African and Western influences, offering Afro-lux, Pop Art, a capsule and bespoke fashion and premium soft furnishings collection, to culture enthusiasts looking to invite African culture into their homes, wardrobes and life. All products in both collections are covered in CHINAKWE’s signature prints, designed and produced by Caroline Chinakwe herself who engages with several artistic mediums- photography, digital collaging and acrylic painting. CHINAKWE’s fashion and homeware collections are available for purchase from the brand website, as well as her debut artwork series ‘This is Me’ and her most recent collection ‘Colourism’ released earlier this year. Look out for further news of the CHINAKWE pop-up store which will be arriving in London, Hampstead in August 2021.


Colourism and its far-reaching impact

The art series ‘Colourism’ was directly influenced by the race protests, BLM movement and society’s negative treatment of people with darker skin tone. This has then resulted in black people’s discrimination of their own colour, preferring lighter shade tones to darker shades. The artist hopes this series will help start conversations about Colourism and the damaging effects it has had on the black and brown race and most importantly, what we can do today to change society's negative perception of darker skin tone.


Colourism talk event

On Friday 30th July from 6.30 -11pm, CHINAKWE will be holding a talk on the topic of Colourism. This is a paneled and audience conversation around this ugly side of our culture and how this has influenced society as a whole and what we can do to change this.

Paneled guests include Aqua Gyamfi from the British Black List, Richard Mkoloma - fashion designer, Leigh Odimah - UAL Lecturer, Suzanne - Ashley Tagoe Producer and Bebe Kiffin - Founder of Black Love Love Black.

Tickets for this event can be bought here.

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