Clay masks for your hair, face and body

This natural ingredient harnesses the cleansing, exfoliating and balancing powers of the earth for a head-to-toe glow

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Did you know clay harnesses some of nature’s most powerful ingredients? The stuff is so good that it can be slathered on the hair, face and body.

Not only is this natural material perfect for elevating your me-time when used in a mask, wash or exfoliator, it also has many benefits for hair and skin health and appearance. Let's take a look at its superpowers:


Clay can be used to clarify and balance your hair and scalp. Cleanse away excess oil and product build up throughout your roots and hair, while purifying and rebalancing your scalp. Hair products which feature clay as a key ingredients will also likely include conditioning ingredients to ensure that your hair doesn't dry out.

This product from Flora & Curl is great for cleansing and conditioning curly and kinky hair.

Flora & Curl Clay Wash (£22)
Flora & Curl Clay Wash, £22


Those with oily skin types will undoubtedly benefit from the wonders of a clay mask. Clay can remove excess oil while drawing impurities from the skin - so if you're also prone to blocked pores, clay will help to clear the top layers of skin while also working on the impurities beneath.

This face mask from Green People features bentonite clay which works together with charcoal to purify your complexion.

Green People Purifying Mask (£21)
Green People Purifying Mask, £21


Dull skin? With clay's rebalacing properties, dedicated bodycare products can bring 'a new lease of life' to the epidermis. By encouraging an improved balance of acid and alkaline, and introducing a boost of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, skin can appear brighter and healthier - it's that easy.

Try this clay mask base by Emulsion, suitable for all skin types!

Emulsion Clay Base Mask, £28
Emulsion Clay Base Mask, £28

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