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Charlotte Mensah has announced a global partnership with SpaceNK to stock her award-winning Manketti Oil product range

Jemima Cousins

Award-winning hairdresser (and our dearest friend) Charlotte Mensah has had meteoric success with the launch of her Charlotte Mensah Manketti hair care line.

Spell editor Jemima Cousins reminisces about the early days when Manketti first launched. 'Charlotte had an intimate launch in her salon called Hair Lounge on Portobello Road. She invited all her closest friends and unveiled the Manketti line for the first time, which at the time only comprised of the shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. It was clear to see this had been a labour of love for Charlotte. For her it was only right that the products reflected her Ghanaian roots hence the abstract tribal print on the packaging and I remember her telling me it took six years to get the oil absolutely right.'

Fulfilling a gap in the afro hair care market where premium products are scarce, Charlotte has curated a line that delivers moisture, softness, definition and shine to all curly hair textures. After eight months of launching the awards started pouring in and haven't stopped since.

Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, £24

Today when you flick through the pages of Harper Bazaar and Vogue (as well as many others), you'll see Manketti making the list for product recommendations.

'I texturise my hair so when I used the shampoo and conditioner for the first time there was a clear difference,' says Jemima. 'The shampoo isn't sudsy because it's SLS, silicon and paraben free, and the conditioner gave my hair a nice slip that made washing my hair a more enjoyable experience.'

Charlotte Mensah Manketti Hair Oil, from £24

There are a slew of hair oils available now so what makes Manketti standout? Manketti oil has been used in Africa for centuries and is considered to be one of the richest, most hydrating ingredients nature has to offer. 'I mainly use this as a pre-poo treatment because it's rich in Vitamin E and makes my hair feels healthy and soft' says Jemima. 'A few drops goes along way and it's great carrier oil for hair and skin needs too.'

The Manketti Oil Hair Mist is a fairly new addition that in essence is a lighter version of the hair oil. This makes it ideal for daily moisture top ups, although it must be said the Spell team hasn't tried it. if you have, please leave a comment below.

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