Chanel Brookelyn shares her hair colouring secrets

Can't get to the salon? The hair chameleon gives us her top tips for safely and effectively colouring your hair at home.

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I am obsessed with trying out new looks with my hair, especially with wigs as I don’t have to worry about potentially damaging my natural hair. It honestly makes me feel rejuvenated every time I switch it up. For DIY home colouring, I am going to be a bit boring here, but before I say anything else, I have to say 'safety first'!

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I would highly recommend that if you are colouring your natural hair to carry out a 48-hour patch test at the back of your ear. This will ensure that you don’t have any allergies to a specific colour. I think people tend to skip over this part in instruction leaflets, but it really needs to be done before every colour application, especially when using a new brand.

I would most importantly recommend carrying out the colouring process in a well-ventilated space, as colour can be toxic if applied in enclosed areas. So, it’s important to do this in a room that has a window, with plenty of fresh air.

Always rinse your colour with lukewarm water, as hot water strips hair colour. However, if you want to colour correct your wig (let’s say the colour is too bright), boil some hot water and pour into a basin, add some baking powder and allow your wig to sit for about 10 mins. This technique works if you want to strip the colour a few shades and may need to be repeated depending on your desired shade.

Chanel Brookelyn

Whenever committing to a hair colour, whether it be on your natural hair or even your extensions, you do have to give your hair that extra TLC, it’s important to make sure you are consistently restoring the moisture back into the hair with regular treatments. Treatments are something you can do yourself at home and are super easy to do!

My favourite is a hot oil treatment. The benefits of hot oil treatments are increased shine, increased moisture retention and prevention of dryness. I tend to do this myself every two weeks.

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  • I mix my own little cocktail of oils (this depends on what my hair needs at the time. See below for what I’m using this season).
  • I put a mixture of oils into a little bottle with a nozzle (available at beauty supply stores) and apply to my hair.
  • Firstly, I shampoo my hair to ensure it is clean before I apply the oil cocktail.
  • Once I have fully coated my hair and scalp with the oil cocktail, I firmly wrap my hair in some cling film/a shower cap.
  • I usually use a hair steamer (I got mine via Amazon) for about 30 minutes.
  • And, to finish, I rinse the oil out and apply conditioner.

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