Celebrity hairstylist Dionne Smith launches signature straighteners for ALL hair types

Are your current straighteners doing nothing for your hair? Amp up your heat styling with this new hairstylist-approved tool.

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We're all on the hunt for some sort of change to our lockdown routine, and there's nothing like a new hairstyle to keep things fresh. Celebrity hairstylist Dionne Smith has launched her new range of 'Signature By Dionne' straighteners that come in three sizes; mini, midi, and maxi.

Signature By Dionne

Each straightener is designed to give every strand of hair an immaculate finish and leave hair with a glowing shine. Not only can you achieve sleek and straight tresses with this tool, but it also doubles up as a curling tool with incredible results.

Its ceramic coated titanium plates spread up to 230 degrees of adjustable heat evenly throughout your hair, helping to prevent uneven styling as well as damage to the hair. For extra safety, the straighteners include an automatic shut off feature.

4 looks to create with a straightener

Dionne gives tips on how to achieve celebrity-loved hairstyle trends with her Signature straighteners.

Mermaid waves

Mermaid waves

Somany celebrities are serving old school, Hollywood glamour with mermaid waves, and you can too!

Signature Midi Hair Straightener and Curler is the perfect blend of a powerful straightener and a curved edge for sleek, shiny curls that don't fall flat.

Create an array of curls depending on how tight or loose you hold your hair around the barrel.

Tips from Dionne: 'Again taking sections of the hair, start from the root, and as you go down the hair bend the straightener completely to one side, then go down a little bit of the hair and bend the straightener completely to the other side. Go back and forth through the length of the hair. Repeat this all over the head and this will give you lovely waves with volume and body!'

Pixie cut

Pixie perfect

There will be many of us that want a hair change this year, and a pixie cut could be the way to go.

Pixie cuts are very versatile and can be worn coiffed and slicked back, over to one side, straight and forward... they're very fun to play with!

Put your stamp on your pixie with the Signature Midi Hair Straightener and Curler; it's the perfect width to style all your pixie layers. The curved design of the toolis perfect for creating curls or creating inward and outward flicks.

Tips from Dionne: 'Use a tail comb topart the hair into sections. Bend the straightener as you go through each section, but change the direction of the bend of each strip. So, one goes one way, the next goes the other way. Once that's all done, use your fingers to tousle the hair, and shape it into the style you want.'

Defined curls

Defined curls

For those not blessed by the curl gods, adding some curls to your hair routine can be the sprinkle of spice that you need!

Creating defined yet beachy curls like has never been easier with the Signature Mini Hair Straightener and Curler. Due to its thinner width, you can focus on creating the perfect curl with each strand.

Tips from Dionne: 'Take small sections of your hair and start at the root by putting it in the straightener. Then wrap your hair around the straightener until all your hair is wrapped. Hold it there for a few seconds before releasing. Leave the curl to drop down and move onto the next sections. Do the entire head without touching or dismantling any of the curls when hot. Allow the hair to cool down and then you can go in and tease the curls out to get volume and body.'

The Mini is also perfect for keeping those flyaways in place!

Sleek and straight

Sleek and straight

Sleek and straight will never go out of fashion, and sometimes this quick style change is all curly-haired girls need for a fresh look.

If you want to go straight, use the Signature Maxi Hair Straightener. The wider titanuium plates cover more area and have a stronger hold on thicker hair.

This keeps hair straighter for longer, meaning less upkeep and sneaky curls that reform overnight!

Tips from Dionne: 'Take small sections of hair - the smaller you take the better, because you can get away with doing one pass through the straightener rather than going over the section multiple times. Glide the straightener through the hair from the root, nice and slowly, making sure all of the hair is pressed. This will give you nice, sleek, shiny, straight hair!'

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