Carra: The personalised hair platform we never knew we needed

We look at the perks of this innovative site and ask its founder, Winnie Awa, about what it's like to be a pioneer in the beauty world.

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With the launch of, personal haircare advice is only a tap away. The user-friendly site pairs you with a hair expert (a bit like, to help you improve your current regime. You’ll be offered a personalised prescription including product recommendations and methods to try at home. Packages start from £40.

Winnie Awa
Winnie Awa

We talked to Carra founder Winne Awa about the platform, pioneering an innovative business in a competitive industry, and her personal haircare routine...

What is Carra and how does it help those with textured hair?

Carra is a personalised hair care platform offering expert advice, custom hair care routines and product recommendations all designed to match specific hair care textures, needs and concerns. We help people with textured and curly hair feel confident in their hair care journeys and purchase decisions

We start with asking you a few questions to get to know your hair. Following that, we connect you with your Carra Personal Hair Coach who is available at your convenience to hop on a video chat to discuss your hair. After your initial session, you receive your exclusive report in your personal profile (home for your hair) which outlines your advice, recommended routine and products all chosen specifically for YOU. There is also an opportunity to have ongoing support from your Carra Personal Hair Coach.

Who are the ‘hair coaches’ of Carra, and what expertise do they have?

Our hair coaches have years of specific textured hair care experience. They understand the science of hair care, product ingredients formulation and most of all, they are super approachable and empathetic. They are not here to make anyone feel bad or scared about telling them their challenges or what they have been doing with their hair. They have been through the journey themselves and are super passionate about educating others.


How are you able to develop custom hair care routines when there are so many hair types?

We are bringing together the power of human experts and AI to be able to make the best recommendations based on hair type, texture and goals. We use our data and insights on different textures, products, ingredients to enrich our Carra Personal Hair Coaches so that they can provide the best experience for our customers.

Will this platform replace the need for advice from our hairdressers?

Absolutely not. We actually expect that as we grow, we will form exciting partnerships with salons and hairdressers to continue to provide a holistically amazing experience for customers with textured hair.


What does it take to create a high tech personalised beauty platform?

We are building a platform which for the first time will put the needs of the textured hair consumer first. This means genuinely taking the time to understand our customers - their experiences, what they love as well as their pain points. This puts us in a stronger position to be able to use technology to meet those needs.

Where do you hope to see Carra in five years’ time?

Whilst we were in BETA, we served customers across 18 cities all over the world which is an exciting indicator for our team. In 5 years, Carra will be global and serving millions of people in their local languages.


Why the change from Antidote Street to Carra?

We like to think that Antidote Street was the incubator that gave birth to Carra. Everything that we learnt in building Antidote Street, having spent time listening to feedback from each customer has brought us to this moment - allowing us to build something more impactful with Carra. Whereas Antidote Street was all about products, Carra is about providing expert guidance and arming people with knowledge and tools to care for their hair. It made sense to keep the two seperate.

You’ve seen great success with initiatives such as the touring Summer Hair Lab - can we expect anything similar with Carra?

100% yes!!! We get very excited about new, interesting ways of helping people with textured hair to be educated, empowered and above all else to fall in love with their hair.

Tell us about three products that are currently part of your hair care routine!

Right now, I am using Dizziak Deep Conditioner, As I Am Double Butter Cream and Flora & Curl African Citrus Oil. However, I am always so conscious of sharing what I am using because what works for one person will often not work for the other. We see this all the time in our teams. This is why we are building!

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