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In celebration of International Women’s Day, we talk to three women who organise London’s must-attend beauty events

Velma Simmons

Velma Simmons

L.I.F.E Talks is all about inspiring one another, and for people to find reassurance in their dreams.

Jemmimah Nuamah

Jemmimah Nuamah

MelaninBeautyLive is a series of beauty events that educate and empower WoC, bringing the best beauty experts, beauty brands and influencers in a luxury environment.

Paula Francis

Paula Francis

SuperFoodLx Saturday gives women the opportunity to have a few hours of interactive beauty sessions with not only SuperFoodLx products but several other impressive independent beauty and healthorientated brands.

For the culture

VS: I think WoC have realised the importance of sticking together. We have all gone through similar struggles, so not only can we learn from each other, but we can be a support system and help one another to go further.

There is more strength in a team than as an individual!

JN: In the beauty industry, ‘diversity’ has become a buzzword and to some extent a trend - and it seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Previously, there were hardly any events specifically for WoC. It is great to see so many amazing events created by women of colour, which celebrate our beauty and create experiences that are authentic as well as offering a safe space to share our views.

PF: I think there’s a realisation that several beauty events do not cater for WoC. Now that these types of experiences have blossomed, it has made us realise not only how fun they are, but how comforting it is to be surrounded by women who understand our daily challenges and experiences.

Career advice

VS: Organise, organise, organise! Putting on an event takes a serious level of organisation to ensure everything runs smoothly - and even after that, something will probably still go wrong! But always try to remain cool, because in the end everything will work out. I would also say be proactive: if you have time to help someone else on the team, or on a different sector of the event, then do so. The lighter the load is for everyone, the better!

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