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These UK celebs are using all media outlets to champion natural beauty

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"My niece of 7 years once came to me and said she didn’t like her Afro and wanted to look like the other girls in her class and it broke my heart that she didn’t consider what she had as beautiful.. Love your curls, love your Afro.. we need to teach young black girls that that IS just as beautiful." Leighanne Pinnock on Instagram

"There are so many sides to black beauty that aren't just your lighter skin girls with a loose hair curl, and aren't just Lupita who's got type 4c. I want to see all different types of black beauty celebrated with the same level of respect. Because history has shown us that palatable black beauty is your Beyoncés, is your Halle Berrys, your Rihannas, and these are women who I love and respect but I want to see all the other glorious bits of female blackness that I know are out there." Clara Amfro for

"The term ‘African-American hair’ is inaccurate because I’m not African-American. I like the term ‘kinky.’ Some people don’t like that term, but when I think about my hair, I think of it as African kinky hair… Curly hair differs so much." Lupita Nyong’o for Allure

"My four year old little girl Alaia has been telling me for a while that she doesn’t like her curly hair. At first (as us Mums do) I didn’t think it was a big deal. Once I realised this wasn’t a phase, I asked her why she didn’t like her curls. It broke my heart when she told me it was because she didn’t look like a Princess… So moving forward into the New Year I’ve decided to finally embrace everything that makes me ME. She is already over the moon that we have ‘matching hair'!" Rochelle Humes on Instagram

"After doing the big chop I put my hair in braids. When I took my hair out the reaction of my daughters… they literally bounced around the room at the sight of me having the same type of hair as them. They were like ‘OMG mummy it’s so beautiful, it’s so gorgeous I can’t believe it’s exactly like mine’. In all honesty, that’s all I needed because all this time I was so hesitate [about going natural] that this was all the validation I needed." Jamelia on JameliaDotCom

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