Braids set to rock this spring

We know it's easy to stick with those styles you know and love, but these braid trends are super hot - and you'll want to try them

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The chunky braid bob

Reminiscent of our favourite 90s musicians (think Brandi in her video for I Wanna Be Down), the braid bob is neat and sleek but with the edge of big, chunky box braids. Leave the ends blunt and secure with bands for the 2020 take on this style.

Chnky braid bob

Ghana braid up-dos

Whether you pile them into a high or low bun, or secure them in a ponytail, Ghana braids are sure to turn heads. These chunkier braids add volume to your style - accessorise with gold cuffs and rings for a finishing touch.

Ghana Braid up-dos
Ghana braids

Passion twists

Passion twists are a more bohemian, organic take on faux locs. Kind to your natural hair, this protective style can be easily installed at home.

Passion twists
Passion twists

Fulani braids with leave out

Work in those Fulani braids at the front of your hair while leaving your natural hair or weave unbraided in the back. With the right installation and maintenance, Fulani braids can last around five weeks.

Fulani braids with leave out
Fulani braids with leave-out

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