Boost your mood with these bodycare must-haves

It's not a fad - these little luxuries really work to lift your mood. Turn that bad day on its head with these positive products!

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A string of grey dreary days or an overbearing boss is enough to bring anyone’s mood down. So, when life gets on top, it’s worth having one or two (or as many as you like) go-to treats in your beauty arsenal to soothe the mind and recharge depleted energy levels. Here are a few pick-me-ups we’re championing...


Making its way into our new reenergising beauty routine is French spa brand LA BIOSTHETIQUE’s Le Peeling, £26.75. It’s a shower gel that ingeniously doubles up as a body scrub, meaning you can slough away rough skin as you lather up. Infused with ultra fine bamboo particles, it also contains prebiotics to promote the growth of healthy bacteria while combating any less-than-desirable microbes. If you want a more intensive exfoliation treatment, apply to dry skin first before rinsing away in the shower.

OLVERUM The Dry Body Oil

If you’re lacking the time or inclination to apply a daily body lotion, OLVERUM The Dry Body Oil, £36, is the busy girl’s dream. It comes in a handy spray bottle, so you can spritz and glide it across your body for instant hydration without a greasy residue. And because it contains over 30 essential oils, it also comes with some added aromatherapy benefits: cup your hands after application and breathe in its heady scent for a moment of calm.

DR HAUSCHKA Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Bath Essence

If you prefer a soak in the bath, DR HAUSCHKA’s Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Bath Essence, £17, is the perfect morning wake-up call. Glug several capfuls into running water and you’ll be immediately refreshed by the scent of sunripened lemons and exotic lemongrass. Added sunflower oil also gently moisturises the skin as you bathe, so you can just pat your skin dry, get dressed and go.

AFRICOLOGY Shimmer Butter

For those occasions when you feel like making extra effort or stumble on some ‘me time’ when the kids are asleep, AFRICOLOGY Shimmer Butter, £35, is our new go-to. Its super-rich formula contains natural shea butter, pure essential oils and mica minerals, which not only intensively moisturise the skin, but also envelop it in a subtle shimmering glow. Rub it onto your arms, legs and décolletage for immediate no-filter needed radiance.

AVEDA’s Comforting Tea Bags

They say beauty comes from within, so one of the easiest ways to simplify your beauty routine this season is to switch your usual caffeine fix. AVEDA’s Comforting Tea Bags, £10, are loaded with natural ingredients such as liquorice root and peppermint that help de-stress and energise the body and mind. This has a two-prong effect: firstly, cutting down on caffeine will help keep your skin’s hydration levels in check. Secondly, you’ll probably get a better night’s rest. And if quality beauty sleep isn’t worth investing in this winter, then we don’t know what is.

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