Three books for the beach

Take a break from all social media and instead lay back and enjoy the read with these show stopping summer paperbacks

Jemima Cousins

Don’t Touch My Hair by Emma Dabiri, £16.99

We did nothing but nod along knowingly to this brilliant book that details the journey of Dabiri’s relationship with her hair and how frustratingly in today’s society it is still a battleground for many women of colour. Politics and presentation can go hand in hand if you let them. Dabiri reveals exactly how and why they should.


Afropean: notes from BlackEurope by Johny Pitts, £20

What does it mean to be black and European? And is Afropean a label that the black British people should try and identify with? These are questions that TV presenter, photographer and writer, Pitts, sets out to explore in this thought-provoking book that looks at “black Europe from the street up”. This book will change the way you view Europe and culture forever.

The Girl He Used Know, by Tracey Garvis Greaves, £13.99

Nothing beats escaping reality than delving into a good love story. The Girl He Used To Know sees a shy yet brilliant girl fall in love with the man of her dreams only to be met with tragedy. 10 years later, she sees him again, but will it be the same? Warning: this book is a page turner and may be difficult to put down once you start.

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