Black women embrace clean make-up trends on TikTok

With 'clean make-up' taking the beauty world by storm, we look at the black women leading the trend and defying their critics.

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Earlier this year, a tweet by Twitter user @uchjn criticising the 'clean girl' look went viral. The now-deleted tweet, which generated a huge debate on the platform, read:

'That clean girl look is low key anti black because which black girl is leaving the house with just tinted moisturiser and a dash of concealer... PLEASE we need coverage and structure!'

The responses included those who questioned the user's self esteem, and many tweeted that the user should speak for themselves. However, the conversation spawned more nuanced points, such as the links between black women, make-up and identity. Some people, including writer Jaydee Seaforth, commented on how there is a disconnect between black women and the clean girl look that stems from enduring beauty standards that exclude black features.

On the other hand, a scroll through #BlackBeautyTok will reveal a whole host of melanated influencers showing how clean girl make-up is done.

Clean girl make-up look
Clean girl make-up look

With just a hint of well-placed concealer and a slick of brow gel, these beauty bloggers illustrate how just a few products can wake up your complexion without hiding your natural looks.

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