Benefit has a new mascara with space technology

This latest addition is set to be their most sought-after mascara yet

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When it comes to mascaras you want to shout from the rooftops, Benefit take some beating. From BADgal Lash, to Roller Lash, we’ve been mightily impressed by the instant fierce flutter they’ve given us in a matter of seconds. So this latest addition, BADgal BANG definitely stirred our interest.

What’s new about it

The formula is enriched with aero-particles ‘derived from space technology’ as the marketing spiel tells us. As the name suggests, these are basically less dense than traditional volumising powders, making the formula incredibly light and flexible. This means you can layer it on your lashes to lengthen, add volume and curl to the max without it feeling heavy or clumpy.

Anything else?

BADgal BANG is also smudge-proof and water resistant (so perfect to withstand miserable British weather), while the ‘slimpact’ brush is designed to evenly coat every lash to give you a ‘falsies’ effect. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of several online reviews look pretty incredible – we can imagine only wearing this mascara without any other make-up and still looking ‘done’. Bravo, Benefit.


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