Beauty influencers to watch on Instagram Reels

Instagram's newest feature has many of us addicted, with TikTok-style clips keeping us entertained for *whispers* hours.

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Just when you’ve got the hang of IGTV and Stories, in comes a new sharing feature on Instagram to get busy perfecting. Having launched a couple of months ago, you can’t have missed all the slick and snappy clips of outfit changes and make-up transformations which Reels is so good at showcasing. Also, Insta’s algorithm is all about promoting Reels right now, so there’s a good reason to jump on board ASAP.

Many of you might already be happily in the swing of creating your own epic Reels. But if you’re still on the fence, here’s everything you need to know… What’s the quick lowdown? Reels has been dubbed Instagram’s version of TikTok. It comes at a time when the Chinese app has been under threat of removal by some countries. Essentially, Reels is a way to record 15-30 second clips to Instagram’s music library and you can edit the video within the app, adding augmented reality filters, timers, captions, hashtags and more.

You can check out all the Reels in the Reels Explore Page covering everything from beauty transformations to dance offs. There’s also now a tab on your profile for any uploaded clips.

Ahlyah Michelle

Ahliyah Michelle

If her captivating head wraps weren’t enough to lure you to her Instagram page, then Ahliyah Michelle’s Reels are guaranteed to get you pressing play and subscribe. Expect insane graphics, smooth voice overs and finished beauty looks that are banging. Oh and there’s some great haircare tricks thrown in too.


Aalia Cosmetics

Aalia Cosmetics

As the queen of beauty transformations, Aalia’s work was just made for Reels. There’s plenty to dig into on the London-based make-up artist’s Reels page (as well as her IGTVs too, btw). And there’s no way you won’t be inspired by her colourful creations and cool selection of music picks.


Akesha Reid

Akesha Reid

She’s a dab hand at creating IGTVs that bring a unique fun vibe to hair and beauty. And now, Akesha’s taking her talents to Reels. As a leading beauty journalist, she’s brimming with knowledge about the latest launches and trends while her videos are a playful reflection of her infectious personality.


How to create a Reel

Fancy having a go yourself? Here’s how:

1. Open the Instagram camera in exactly the same way to use Stories, and select Reels on the bottom scroll bar. You will then see the editing tools stacked on the screen’s left-hand side.

2. Camera at the ready! Press record and create one or a series of clips to complete your Reel. There’s a progress bar at the top of the screen to see how much of your allowed 15 seconds is left.

3. Done? Simply tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen once you are ready to publish. There are tons of options to personalise your Reel. Add a caption, hashtags and cover image – it’s ‘reely’ a lot of fun!

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