Beaded hairstyles make a comeback (again)

Wooden beads have taken centre stage, and judging by these natural hairdos, it’s clear to see why - take a look at our inspiration.

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Every so often, hair beads become the talk of the town (the town being Instagram, of course), and we see these historical and culturally significant hair accessories appear on everyone from Zoe Kravitz to Ciara. In 2020, it looks like beads are making another comeback into the protective hair arsenal - and this year's take on the style has gone back to basics, with wood being the material of choice.

Wondering where to get your wooden beads? Try sourcing from your local, independent hair shop - if you return empty handed, try Etsy, Amazon and eBay for ease. Here are a few of our favourite styles online:

16mm Round Printed Wooden Beads
16mm Round Printed Wooden Beads, £4.14
Kesheng 20Pcs 8mm Wooden Hair Beads
Kesheng 20Pcs 8mm Wooden Hair Beads, £6.49
Grapat 3 Rings Natural Wood
Grapat 3 Rings Natural Wood, £2.25
5 Wooden Dreadlock Ring Beads, £4.99


We've seen wooden beads on our favourite celebrities and influencers, utilised by talented hairstylists, and even making a splash across the pond in the form of street style at New York Fashion Week. Here are some of our favourite looks, below:

Beaded hairstyle - Pinterest
Beaded braids - Pinterest
New York Fashion Week
New York Fashion Week
Michelle Thompson
Michelle Thompson

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