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The outspoken podcasting trio take their show on the road and launch a new book. Find out what to expect from this next chapter!


The three girls whose show tagline is that they “are willing to talk about anything and everything” are going from podcasters to all round pop culture stars. For years now Audrey Indome, Tolani Shoneye (Tolly) and Milena Sanchez have had us laughing, weeping and nodding along to their no-holds barred discussions on listeners’ dilemmas including ‘I kissed my boyfriend’s dad’ (remember that one?). And now, with countless of downloads later, they’re taking their show on the road again (something they’ve done before pre-Covid) with dates this month and next at venues in London and Manchester.

But if you can’t travel or get hold of a ticket, there’s something else the trio has up their sleeves. Out now is a new book that, according to the ladies, will guarantee to feed your Keep the Receipts craving. Described as “a celebration of the wonderful messes, mistakes, successes, highs and lows” of the young trio who are “still trying to get it right and live their best lives”.

Keep the Receipts

They insist, though, that the book probes even further than the podcast. “Expect my inner, darkest thoughts,” Audrey laughs. “I spill the tea on everything. Think what you hear on the podcast and amp it up by 10.” Milena is on the same wavelength. “There might be a few people unhappy with some things, but hey that’s my story!” she says.

Tolly adds: “I think it’s getting to know us on a deeper level. You think you know but you have no idea. It’s all happening this summer. We’ve got events, signed copies and we are so excited.”

Since its launch in 2016, Keep the Receipts has become a sensation.  They’ve been nominated for several awards and signed an exclusive deal with Spotify. It’s a long way from the start of their journey and podcasting has come on leaps and bounds. More women than ever are taking to the mike to chat about everything from relationships, business, babies and feminist issues. For the threesome, podcasting has been the ideal platform to get across their ideas.

“I think as women of colour we have to filter ourselves constantly. That’s why it’s great people don’t see us, we’re free to say what we what. We also haven’t offended anyone and that surprises me,” Audrey said when Spell met them in 2018.

The Receipts Podcast

Milena also added her thoughts on why the format of podcasts is great for women. “Generally, woman are judged by how they look, whereas with this you can only judge us on our opinions. Which is a great feeling.”

Now Keep the Receipts are known for their faces as wells as their voices, their ‘real chat’ is reaching a whole new and bigger audience.

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