Are more women transitioning to natural hair in lockdown?

Self-isolation and social distancing are making that awkward transitional phase much easier to manage! Hello, natural hair!

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As we continue through lockdown 3.0, beauty and haircare trends reveal that black women have been shifting away from chemical straightening and focusing more on natural and protective styling to cope with salon closures. According to research conducted by Mintel, braids with extensions have increased in popularity by 64 per cent while wigs are up 79 per cent and weaves by 47 per cent.

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Tips for transitioning to natural hair during lockdown

  1. Wear high quality extensions, wigs and weaves. Low quality hair pieces can lower your confidence and even, in some cases, damage your natural hair. Use premium pieces to combat this, and keep your hair in good condition until you've made the full transition. has a huge selection of products for every hair preference.
  2. Be delicate with your hair. If you're transitioning to natural hair from relaxer, you'll want to be careful handling and caring for your hair where the natural section meets the relaxed section, as this part of the hair will be very fragile. Use clean fingers or an afro hair comb to detangle, and do not pull too tightly on the hair when creating protective styles.
  3. Use moisturising products. If you have more time to dedicate to your haircare routine, do so with ultra moisturising products to help your hair get the hydration that it needs to look and feel healthy. Wow Oils are perfect for adding moisture that absorbs straight into dry, transitioning hair.
  4. Learn how to care for your new texture. Natural hair is very different to relaxed hair and will require its own unique haircare routine. Find out what your new texture is by referring to a curl chart, and research the best ways to care for it.
  5. Avoid heat. It might be tempting to straighten your hair or define your natural curls using a curling wand, but try to avoid this until your hair has grown out. In addition, try to gently towel dry or air dry your hair to avoid the heat of a hairdryer.

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