Adwoa Aboah’s activism is something we can all aspire to

From her Vogue covers to her mental health work, here are the reasons why we’re such big fans of the model and campaigner.


If there’s anyone who deserves all the world’s attention right now, it’s the brilliant Adwoa Aboah. Not content with being the inaugural cover girl for Edward Enninful when he took the helm at Vogue back in December 2017 (remember that cover?), she’s gone from strength to strength, using her influence on the catwalk and off to empower and give voice to important campaigns and causes.

Adwoa Aboah

Vogue’s pioneering editor said at the time: “Adwoa is leading the fashion conversation for women into the modern era”. Now, though, she’s leading conversations on other subjects too, including serving as a mental heath spokesperson, and providing support for the fights that matter, including Grenfell and Amnesty UK on domestic violence issues.

All this has led the model to grace the Vogue cover again, this time for their much heralded September issue titled Activism Now, alongside footballer Marcus Rashford. She told Vogue: “Being an advocate has transformed my life. It’s so cheesy to say, but I really feel like this is what I was meant to do. My sensitivity, my co-dependency, all these things that were maybe sometimes looked at – or maybe I looked at – in a negative way are all things that I use for my advocacy.”

Tune in to Gurls Talk

If that wasn’t enough, she launched Gurls Talk, a mix of podcast, forum, and live events, which discuss matters facing people today. We loved her chat with the always insightful Afua Hirsch, who talks about her gamechanging book Brit(ish), her first-hand experiences of racial bias in the media and explore how every person can improve their anti-racist practice.

Adwoa said on Instagram: “Growing up biracial in Britain is something I have in common with this week’s guest. Afua Hirsch and I are both proud of our Ghanaian heritage, but growing up in predominantly white spaces meant we both struggled to express that pride and protect ourselves from microaggressions. In today’s episode we explore acceptance and identity, reflecting on the exhilaration and exhaustion that has come with the recent wave of anti-racist awareness and activism.”

Today’s leading changemakers

What’s even more heartening is that Adwoa isn’t alone. The spirit for change is being captured by so many inspiring Black activists and well known faces who are using their clout to make a difference. None more so than Adwoa’s Vogue cover partner and all-round good guy Marcus Rashford, who helped turnaround the government’s policy on free school meals, as well as Stormzy who can always be relied on to support the causes that matter. Most recently the rapper offered £500,000 in scholarship funding for students from disadvantaged backgrounds from his Black Heart Foundation.

Now that’s what we call smashing it.

Find out more about Gurls Talk and join the conversation here.

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