A Powerful New Video To Break Racial Barriers in Beauty

#BreakTheWalls is one hashtag we want to go viral

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When we think of racial segregation in beauty, all too often we think of foundations, concealers and colour cosmetics. Yet for many women of colour, that’s just one of the challenges they face when trying to get access to suitable beauty products.  All too often haircare is just as problematic.

Trying to address the situation is Shea Moisture who has launched a call to action with the launch of the 'Break The Walls' video. "The film is about making beauty accessible to all," Richelieu Dennis, the founder and CEO of Sundial Brands reveals. "It's about access to products that actually work for every hair texture and that are focused on our communities that are traditionally underserved." 

The short video starts off with a black woman walking down the beauty aisle heading towards the ‘mainstream’ section. “There’s a section called ethnic and there’s an aisle called beauty,” another woman can be heard saying. The video also highlights how this separation has become a social norm, with both white and black women seeing it as ‘normal’. “We’ve dealt with it our whole lives to the point of internalising it, the woman continues in the video. It ends with the shelves falling and the woman finding herself standing in front of Shea Moisture products, which are all sitting on the same shelf as mainstream hair care products. “We are Shea Moisture and now we can be found in the beauty aisle, where we belong.” 

We applaud the initiative taken by Shea Moisture. Beauty is not defined by ethnicity and the beauty shelves shouldn't be either. The quicker that becomes the norm the better.

What do you think of the Shea Moisture video? Tweet us your thoughts with the hashtag #BreakTheWalls, too.

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