A limited edition collaboration for International Women's Day

Taking place on 8th March, IWD 2021 sees the release of a limited edition Spell Beauty tote bag illustrated by Dorcas Creates.


For International Women’s Day, Spell Beauty has partnered with illustrator Dorcas Magbadelo, AKA Dorcas Creates, to launch a limited-edition tote bag. The exclusive collaboration celebrates all the glorious ways black women style their hair. Its design features a print of various hairstyles - from bouffant ‘fros and accessorised on-trend ponytails to sleek weaves. Meanwhile, its catchy slogan, ‘My mood, My mane’, captures the creative freedom and artistic flair women have when it comes to their crowning glory.

Magbadelo’s punchy pop art designs are famed for referencing fashionable sisters from all walks of life. And her penchant for drawing hairstyles of every kind made her the perfect fit for the project, which launches this month.

“I’m very much inspired by the black women I see in person and online during my day to day excursions. I like to draw a range of hairstyles and body shapes to show the full scope of beauty found in black women. I look back on my own hair journey and the vast number of hairstyles I’ve had in the past 33 years – relaxed hair, big chop, braids, TWA, wigs galore, dyed and fried multiple times; it’s a lot! Our relationship with our hair and how we choose to express that is so complex; I really like exploring it visually in my illustrations.”

Dorcas Creates

“I love my pins because it’s fun to see a 3D representation of my work and I love the idea of people wearing mini gold black women when they’re out and about. At the moment my favourite pin is my Lindiwe pin - it’s the biggest I’ve done so far and has beautiful faux pearl embellishments.”

Dorcas Creates

“I think it’s important for young black girls in particular to visually see the full scope of what black womanhood is and can be. There’s no one way to be anything in this world. We’re so complex and I think it’s important for us to hold space for everyone.”

Dorcas Creates illustrations

“I’m working on a couple of literary projects at the moment so hopefully you’ll see some book covers by me soon. I’d love to expand the range of products that I offer and get more into homeware. I just want to put black women everywhere and on everything.”

Spell x Dorcas Creates tote

Purchase the limited-edition My Mood, My Mane tote bag from Spell Beauty. Price £10

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