6 reasons we love spring twists

From their ability to prtect your natural hair and facilitate growth, to their style longevity, here's why we love spring twists.

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As the UK slowly emerges from lockdown, many of us are missing our trusty hairstylists who we’d ordinarily be reaching out to now for our holiday protective styles. But worry not: Spring Twists are one of our favourite new summerready looks - and they can be achieved at home! Beautiful, stylish and practical, these new twisted extensions look authentically natural and provide endless styling options. Here's why we can’t get enough of this red-hot summer hair trend...

1. They evoke the spirit of summer holidays

Protective styles remind us of summer - and Spring Twists are no exception. Curly and coily in appearance, these extensions offer a laid-back bohemian vibe and are therefore the perfect option for when you're on your summer travels. While the jury is still out on whether we'll get the opportunity to jet away this year, we suggest you still continue the tradition of summer protective styling. Whatever happens, your natural hair will remain undisturbed by the sun and any damage inflicted by daily styling.

Spring twists
Model is wearing Urban Twist 'Spring Twist' length 16 inches, colour 1B

2. Twists are low maintenance

Did we mention that Spring Twists are super effortless? Yes, admittedly the install might take three to four hours, but the upside of spending those hours sitting in one spot means that you’ll be able to enjoy six to eight weeks of respite from day-to-day hairstyling. And that’s not to say that protective styles like twists require no maintenance, it’s just that the upkeep generally pales in comparison. While we’re talking daily hair routines, do remember to keep your scalp nourished by using a light oil.

3. They aid hair growth and length retention

The daily rigours of hairstyling as well as environmental factors can weaken your hair strands, resulting in breakage and damage. Protective styling has long been heralded as a styling method that can aid hair growth and Spring Twists are no different. Whether you opt for a crochet instalment or braiding, having your hair safely tucked away will give it a break from day-to-day styling, which will help strengthen your strands - resulting in healthy growth and length retention.

4. They are stunningly versatile

Spring Twists are one of the most versatile protective hairstyles around. They come in an assortment of lengths and shades (we’re particular fans of ombré twists) while allowing you to create popular everyday styles like ponytails, vintage rolls and half up/half down dos - see our stunning cover girl for inspo.

Spell Beauty Urban Twist
Urban Twist 'Spring Twist', coming soon to spellbeauty.com

5. Twists are easy to DIY

If you have felt the urge to try a DIY protective style while in lockdown, Spring Twists are probably your best bet. The extensions are pretwisted and come in springy curl-like formation (hence the name), which mimics the coily, elastic nature of natural hair. You simply blend your natural hair with the extensions, braid together for around one inch and then twist together to the end. Check out YouTube for some fun, easy tutorials.

6. Spring Twists offer style longevity by lasting for more than three weeks

Due to the natural looking texture and the slightly undone appearance of Spring Twists, they actually look more authentic and ‘lived in’ the longer they are worn. Unlike some protective styles, the pristine and perfect aesthetic is not a requirement here so you can leave them in for a longer period. However, be extra careful not to neglect your scalp or cleansing regime as you will risk getting grime and heavy product build-up. Doing this will only set you back from achieving your dream hair length goals.

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