5 ways to achieve your hair goals wearing wigs and extensions

Hair extension and wig expert Aisha Ibrahim shares her five mane-changing habits worth trying for stronger, healthier hair.

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Neglecting your hair while wearing a wig or extensions comes at a cost. You may find your own locks become dry, brittle and prone to breakage if it doesn’t receive the necessary TLC. Aisha Ibrahim, brand ambassador for the leading hair extension company Feme Ltd, shares some pointers to keep your hair thriving under extensions and wigs.

Aisha Ibrahim
Aisha Ibrahim

1. Maintain a healthy hair regimen

Every seven to 10 days cleanse your hair and apply a deep conditioning treatment to repair weak and damaged strands. Take the time to massage your scalp as this will help stimulate the follicles. Pay close attention to your hairline and edges too. These delicate areas feel the stress of wearing a wig and are usually the first place where hair loss is experienced.

2. Prep your hair for wig days

This can consist of many things like washing and steaming your hair, mixing oils for an overnight treatment, getting a trim. On the day, canerow your hair in neat vertical rows and wear a stocking cap to prevent your natural hair rubbing against the unit. In fact, stocking caps are also useful for giving the wig extra grip. However there are alternatives like wig bands designed to reduce the amount of stress on the hair.

3. Take regular breaks

Wearing extensions for long periods of times can place stress on the hairline causing it to weaken. Try to take wig breaks to let your scalp rest and breathe. Use this time to carry out some of the pointers mentioned in steps one and two. If you’re going to wear a wig every day, always remove it at night.

4. Get in the habit of moisturising

Hydrating hair before, during and after wearing wigs and extensions is paramount to maintaining strong, healthy hair. Whether it’s locked in braids or sat under a wig for hours, this prevents moisture travelling down the shaft. The LCO/LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method is a great way to seal in moisture for long periods of time, as well as topping up on nourishment in between wash days.

5. Wash hair regularly

For a thorough cleaning experience use a sulphate-free shampoo to clarify without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Use a deep conditioning and protein-based treatment masque to bolster follicles and stimulate the scalp. Prepping your hair in anticipation of wearing a wig will lessen the likelihood of hairmares such as knots and breakages.

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