5 reasons we're celebrating Cantu Skin Therapy

The award-winning textured hair brand's natural skincare range turns one this year! Here's why we can't stop using it.

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Having launched in March 2021 Cantu's Skin Therapy skincare range has become a staple in households across the nation. Loved for its use of nourishing and hydrating ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter and aloe, the collection is beneficial for a variety of skin types and skincare issues (dry skin from the cold winter weather? This range is definitely for you).

Cantu Skin Therapy

Here are five reasons why Cantu Skin Therapy remains our most reached-for skincare range:

1. It can be layered

When it comes to dry or problematic skin, sometimes one product just isn't enough. The formulas in the Cantu Skin Therapy work in harmony with each other to give you the softest, most moisturised skin - with no pilling in sight!

Stretch marks

2. It works on stretch marks

There's nothing wrong with having stretch marks. In fact, most women have them. However, if you're not keen on how your stretch marks look, you can use a daily cream, butter, oil or lotion to help fade them. As with any scarring, fading will take time. However, with regular application, the vitamins and moisturising ingredients in the Skin Therapy range will help to make this process much faster.


3. It helps alleviate hyperpigmentation

There are many aesthetic treatments for hyperpigmentation, such as chemical peels - but some of these treatments can be harsh on the skin. Gentler lotions can be applied daily to fade hyperpigmentation - but it's important to look for ingredients that have been shown to improve uneven skin tone, such as aloe, which can be found in Cantu's Skin Therapy range!

Tattoo care

4. It helps heal and maintain tattoos

You tattooist may advise applying a skin cream to your tattoos to help them heal. Skin Therapy is perfect for this, as it moisturises the skin to help it recover quicker and help prevent dry patches from forming around the tattoo. Regular use keeps the skin supple and glowing, helping that ink to look fresh.

Dry skin

5. It provides year-round skin support

Your skin changes throughout the seasons according to the climate. Having Skin Therapy in your skincare arsenal will mean that you can maintain your skin's natural beauty all year round, and help fight off weather-related changes such as dryness.

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