5 reasons to wear faux locs

We talk to the hair pros about the protective style of the moment, including tips on installing, maintenance and styling.

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Did you know the hashtag #fauxlocs has been searched over million times? At Spell we’ve looked into our crystal ball and predict faux locs will continue to be popular, even in the winter months. The omnipresent style, which uses synthetic extensions to mimic the look of traditional locs, has been in heavy rotation among our favourite celebs and influencers. If you haven’t tried the commitment-free style, here are a few reasons to give it a go...

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You don't have to do a single thing

There are many ways to install faux locs. The most popular include doing a full head of single braids and wrapping hair extensions around each plait (pretty time-consuming and heavy on the head), and the crochet method, which involves canerowing your natural hair and using a latch hook needle to feed the strands through. Rebecca, crochet braid specialist and founder of Becrochetcreation has found many of her clients have turned to faux locs because of the easy maintenance. “Unlike other protective styles – think braids and canerows – faux locs don’t have to look pristine. A slightly ‘lived in’ look makes them appear more authentic.”

Award-winning hairstylist and faux loc wearer Dionne Smith adds cleansing the hair every few weeks means women have time to get on with other things in their lives. “It’s a fact women are seeking out quicker hair solutions. No one wants to spend all day in the salon, especially not every week. A simple astringent ingredient like apple cider vinegar will remove grime and build-up from your scalp and keep the extensions clean.”

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There are different loc styles to choose from

Faux locs are far from boring. You can play with the length, experiment with colour and wear textures of every kind. Hairstylist and owner of Elite Hair Lounge, Talisha Cox explains further: “This trend has evolved so much. Distressed locs, the bohemian cousin to passion twists and butterfly locs, have what I call a distinctive curly-fries loop that gives a signature curl,” she says. “I think people love the fact that they can have any desired loc; long, short, dip-dye colouring, skinny, jumbo sized – all without the commitment of locking their hair.” Rebecca adds, “It’s great to see brands have become more inventive with the textures and styles available, making it more appealing to those who normally might not consider it.”

It looks fashionable and professional

Rihanna wore piled high dreadlocks in the movie Oceans 8; Zendaya rocked faux locs on the red carpet; musical duo Chloe x Halle frequently mix their natural locs with extensions. Making it to mainstream fashion has certainly cemented faux locs’ style prowess. As mentioned, this is one of the few hairstyles that actually look better the ‘messier’ they become, and yet, this hairstyle can be worn in a professional capacity. “Sadly, locs have an outdated stigma of being unkempt and messy but things are changing,” says Jemima Cousins, head of content at Spell Beauty. “With key figures like Dawn Butler wearing locs in the House of Commons and influencers pairing the style with today’s fashion trends, it’s becoming less of a novelty and more of a norm.”

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