5 products to combat winter hair blues

Give your stressed tresses a pick-me-up this winter by adding these nourishing and repairing products to your routine.

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Baby, it’s cold outside – and that’s not all! New research conducted by hair and scalp experts at Philip Kingsley has revealed almost four out of five Brits are experiencing scalp issues due to high levels of stress. But before you think it’s all doom and gloom, with a few tweaks to your current haircare regime, you can trade in weather-worn, overworked and stressed-out locks for happy and healthy-looking hair.

Windle & Moodie

Windle & Moodie

Lifestyle choices and stress have a major impact on how our hair grows and its quality. Just like our bodies, hair needs hydration and lots of it depending on the porosity. Natural vitamins and minerals are at the top of the agenda for hair to thrive and retain longer lengths. Windle & Moodie’s Essential Oils Elixir contains a rare type of camellia oil sourced from an island in the South Pacific that is known as a game changer for accelerating hair growth, while nourishing the scalp and strands with every use. Add a few drops of this mineral-rich oil to your tresses for a daily hit of hydration and weekly as an overnight conditioning treatment for next level results.



Whether you’re natural, relaxed or transitioning, a sulphate-free cleanser specifically designed for black hair textures is a must. KeraCare Natural Textures Cleansing Cream strips the hair of dirt and any product build-up coating the strands. Its double-action of moisturising the scalp with argan and abyssinian oils makes it favourite among many. Before cleansing your curls, take time to gently detangle your mane for ease and a long-lasting finish. Next, wet your tresses thoroughly and apply the product evenly throughout the hair, massage into the scalp as it lathers and then rinse off. The result? Gorgeous looking hair with natural lustre and plenty of shine that lasts for days.

ghd advanced split end therapy


It’s no secret that heat styling can cause major damage from hair loss, thinning and more commonly, spilt ends. If you’re an avid user of thermal tools, it’s important to use protective products like a serum to create a look that lasts for longer with minimal damage. Suitable for all hair textures, ghd Advanced Split End Therapy has been scientifically formulated with hair bonding technology to instantly eliminate the look and feel of split ends. For softer and sleeker strands, massage a generous amount of this lightweight formula into your hair before blow-drying and then activate its ingredients using the heat of your hair styler – in small sections – to seal-in the product.

Afroani hair mask


If your hair is chemically processed or damaged in areas, Afroani Hydrate and Strengthen Hair Mask is a great choice for repairing breakage and bringing lifeless locks back to life. Made with nourishing natural shea butter, alma and jojoba oils, this afro-friendly formulation boasts a creamy texture and is packed with protein to preserve and protect hair from further damage. Not only does this moisturising mask hydrate, but it also strengthens strands over time - shielding the hair from potential breakage caused by chemical treatments, heat-styling and environmental aggressors. For best results, apply a generous amount to your tresses once a week.



For decades, natural shea butter has been used in African villages as a superfood to promote healthy hair and skin. Made and sourced in Ghana, R&R Luxury Whipped Cream is rich in fatty acids found in natural shea butter and offers multiple moisturising benefits. Super versatile and scented with soothing lemongrass, its nourishing formula can be used to moisturise your mane from root-to-tip or as a daily styling product for natural hairstyles such as braids or twist-outs. Alternatively, you can soak your strands with its creamy formulation overnight before wash-day to deep condition and reap the natural goodness and healing properties of shea butter.

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