5 of Dewanda Wise’s Best Beauty Looks

The star of Netflix's She's Gotta Have It is our latest beauty idol

Hair & Beauty

Have you been binge-watching “She’s Gotta Have It” on Netflix? If not – we suggest you drop whatever you’re doing and queue up some episodes pronto – as its leading lady Dewanda Wise is firmly on our beauty radar. For the uninitiated, the series is created and directed by iconic filmmaker Spike Lee, based on his 1985 film of the same name (also available on Netflix FYI). Both have the same premise: Nola Darling (played in the TV series by Wise) is a young Brooklynite who refuses to conform or be defined (especially by men), and instead of getting into a monogamous relationship, unapologetically juggles three lovers: Jamie, Greer and Mars, as well as an on-off girlfriend Opal. The show is a love letter to Lee’s home of Fort Green, Brooklyn where the characters live, and paints an interesting picture of life as a young, African-American woman in the dawn of President Trump and gentrification. Not to mention the beauty and fashion are seriously stunning. (Actually a whole episode is based around a little black dress.) With that in mind, we’ve brought you some of Dewanda Wise’s best beauty looks to inspire throughout party season and beyond.


As Nola Darling, Dewanda sports a stunning twist-out style, which here she’s teamed with a fresh-faced “no make up” make up look and classic leather jacket.


Nola’s signature look sees Dewanda rocking a striking all-white ensemble, complete with head wrap and minimal face paint. Plus we love how she seems to be bringing the skinny brow trend back…


The star comes out of character with this sultry red carpet look, featuring a sleek topknot and smoky eye.


Switching up her style, Ms. Wise chose a chic blunt bob for her shoot with BET, paired with metallic eyeshadow and immaculately groomed brows.


Not many people could pull off that hat, but our girl has the confidence to carry it. Loving the lip gloss n’ lashes combo.

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