5 don'ts for achieving glowing skin

It's that healthy, rejuvenated look that we all covet - but how do we get there? Esthetician Bianca Edwards shares her tips.

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Glowing skin may be the aspiration, but that doesn't mean it's unobtainable - but it may require some trial and error. As we know, all skin is different. Therefore, what may work for someone else may not work for you. However, there are some beauty rules that run the same across the board, whatever your skin type.

Bianca Edwards, licensed esthetician and owner of Beauty Done Right (creators of the cult beauty product 'Ice Dice'), shares the things we should avoid on the journey to glowing skin.

1. Don't introduce a multiple step skincare routine at once if you've never tried the products.  

Start slow, then grow. I always suggest starting out with three products, and then introduce active products at week two. Good skincare is NOT cheap. Don't go crazy on a seven-step routine only to learn your skin can't handle the products two to three weeks later.  

2. Don't skip out on cleansing your face and body at least two times per day.  

There will be times when you may skip out on a shower here and there, but letting this turn into a bad habit may slow down your glowing skin goals.

3. Don't over exfoliate or under exfoliate.  

People often want to scrub, scrub, scrub, yet all that does is compromise the skin's barrier. Be gentle when scrubbing; rub the skin as if you're rubbing a baby's skin. There's no need to use medium or firm pressure - let the product do the job.  Also don't under-exfoliate. If you're just getting started with a routine, start with once a month, then move to twice a month.

4. Don't get discouraged.

What works for someone else may not work for you. I always say "You have people that can bathe in beer and butter and have the most wonderful skin you've ever seen, and people who put on fragrance free, supposedly clean ingredients products and have crazy inflammatory responses".

5. Don't forget; the closer you are to compromised skin, the further away you are from glowing skin.

Products take time. Skincare is a marathon that you run for a lifetime

Visit Beauty Done Right at bdrbeautydoneright.com.

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