5 benefits to rocking clip-in extensions

Whether you're new to extensions or you're a seasoned weave wearer, here are five reasons why you should convert to clip-ins!

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What do you know about clip-in extensions? Perhaps you've heard that they're too fiddly, that they fall out during the day and refuse to stay in place, or maybe even that they'll damage your hair. This may be true with low quality extensions, but with the right product, you're sure to become a clip-in convert.

Clip-in extensions comes in all textures, lengths and shades. SpellBeauty.com has a wide selection for all styles - you're bound to find something that suits you! But before you dive right in and stock your hair wardrobe from top to bottom, first read about how rocking extensions can benefit you.

Clip-In Glam Hair Extensions From Spell Beauty
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1. Easy application

Clip-in hair extensions can be applied by the wearer, rather than installed at a salon by a professional. This saves you hours in the salon chair, as well as money! You won't even suffer from achey arms when installing either, as clip-ins literally take seconds to apply and style. Forget waiting for your salon appointments to arrive - you can give yourself a brand new look in an instant.

Clip-In Glam Hair Extensions From Spell Beauty

2. Increased thickness and length

Feel like your hair is a bit flat and could do with a volume lift? Or maybe you want to try out some length for a night out? Clip-in extensions, just like semi-permanent extensions, provide length and thickness to dramatically (or subtly - it's up to you!) update your look. Increasing the length and thickness of your hair naturally can take a long time; you'll either have to wait for it to grow out, or try out hair supplements to attempt to add volume. Clip-ins cut down the wait time so that you can look and feel better in no time.

Clip-In Glam Hair Extensions From Spell Beauty

3. Temporary style update

We all think about getting a new hairstyle every now and then - but how many of us don't follow through because we're scared of commitment? With clip-in extensions, you can try out a new look without having to commit to any cut, colour or texture change. Using clip-ins can even help you make a decision about a more permanent style, by allowing you to try out the look before you giv eyour stylist the go-ahead!

Clip-In Glam Hair Extensions From Spell Beauty

4. No damage

Forget what you've heard. High quality hair extensions should not damage your hair. Remember to always follow the instructions on the pack when applying your extensions, and take care of them just as you would a wig, weave, or your natural hair. Remove all tangles from the extensions before application to avoid tugging on your own hair with a brush or comb, and don't sleep in your extensions. These tips will not only help you keep your own hair healthy, but will also increase the life of your extensions.

5. Low maintenance

Unlike permanent extensions, which can suffer from product build-up while you're wearing them, clip-in extensions can be easily uninstalled and maintained. Design Essentials, available at SpellBeauty.com, has a range dedicated to wig and extensions care, offering every product you might need to care for and style your extensions. As we said earlier, taking proper care of your extensions can prolong their life!

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