3 ways to make your home feel more relaxing

Whether you're working from home, or returning from a long day at the office, a zen environment will help you achieve a sense of calm

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According to The Mental Health Foundation, 74% of people have felt so stressed in the last year that they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. This could be due to the stigma around self care and relaxation, and how this is sometimes perceived as 'laziness' in a society where we are expected to overwork ourselves in order to feel successful. This especially rings true with young people: 60% of 18-24 year olds and 41% of 25-34 year olds cited 'pressure to succeed' as their main source of stress.

With many people working from home during the pandemic, one of the most significant causes of work-related stress has been the inability to separate work life from home life. You might have found yourself spending all day in the living room, going straight from working on the couch to watching TV once the clock hits 5pm. Or, if you live with family or other people, you may have found it difficult to concentrate and progress with your work.

There are many factors that can trigger a less-than-perfect work-life balance during lockdown, but there is a solution which might help you unwind: turning your home into a tranquil sanctuary, where your only aim is to relax.

Louise and Tamara, founders of holistic self care brand Talou, give us their tips on how to make your home feel more relaxing:

Talou candle

We love using our candles, especially while meditating or having a bath. Candles are such a classic way to help you relax and create a relaxing atmosphere, and using natural scented ones provide a more holistic experience.

@briellemariesandra - Houseplants
Instagram @briellemariesandra

Indoor plants are an amazing addition in the home and have so many relaxing benefits as well as transforming your home into a green sanctuary. They help relieve stress, improve air quality, improve mental health, boost your immune systems and improve productivity.

@el.basicoau - Oil diffuser
Instagram @el.basicoau

We also love using essential oil diffusers as they bring an aromatic soothing aroma within your home. They create a relaxing ambiance which helps to balance your mood.

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