3 trends to try at your next salon visit

With must-be-seen-in hair trends emerging on the scene at rapid speed, we don't want to leave you lost in the style wilderness!

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Zendaya - long and wavy hair

Long 'n' wavy

Corkscrew curls with a damp appearance may feel like a style that has long been banished to the sands of time. However, we’re loving the recent revamp of this style that oozes confidence and sex appeal. Book in for a wash and set at the salon or cheat your way to the look with wet ‘n’ wavy extensions, which will allow you to create your desired look from midi length to exaggerated mermaid waves.

Seen on: Zendaya, Rihanna, Solange

Lorraine Pascale - Natural Afro
Lorraine Pascale

Naturalista wigs

Wearing a wig or extensions that mimics the style and texture of your natural curly or coily hair is set to be one of 2020’s most sought-after looks. The bigger and the kinkier the better as this trend appeals to those who love and embrace their natural texture, but welcome some respite from day-to-day styling rigours. However you decide to rock it, visit a salon for a curl-shaping cut that frames the face and let’s your curls pop.

Seen on: Lorraine Pascale, Freddie Harrel

Ella Balinska - hair rings
Ella Balinska

"Hurr" rings

Hair jewellery is having a major moment! No longer the reserve of wedding updos and festival braids, adorning your strands with fine jewellery is a certified must-do. While you would be forgiven for thinking you can style this one yourself, intertwining loops and ribbons to the back of the head is best left to the professionals. Plus, trust us when we say this, it will save you from a lot of knots, tangles and arm ache too.

Seen on: Ella Balinska, Yara Shahidi

Where to get your trend fix

Although we love trying out new styles at home, sometimes our just needs a professional's touch to get that wow factor in time for a birthday party or work event. These salons are the perfect place to try out a trend without having to struggle in front of your bathroom mirror!

George Kosit Hair
George Kosit Hair, Birmingham
Charlotte Mensah
Charlotte Mensah, Portobello, London
Cobella, Kensington, London

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