3 Quick Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels



Whether it’s stress, a packed schedule or lack of sleep and sunlight that’s leaving you flagging, there are plenty of ways you can improve your get-up-and-go. Obviously ensuring you’re not taking on too many commitments and getting your forty winks are paramount. But if you need an extra little lift, here are a few more solutions from wellness experts to get you feeling back to normal… 

Get moving 

“Exercise, whether you feel like it or not is a great way to boost energy,” explains hypnotherapist Aaron Surtees. “It increases your brain power, kicks your body into gear, produces happy endorphins and leaves you feeling focused and positive. I recommend 30 minutes exercise per day, ideally in the morning to help kick start your day. For every 10 minutes of exercise, you will feel awake for 2 hours." 

Increase your daylight fix 

“Getting as much natural light during the day as possible will boost your body's production of melatonin, and help regulate your sleep-wake cycle,” notes Clare Rydon, head of eve Sleep's design studio. “Try to ensure you always get out of the office at lunch time, for example, and avoid light from the TV, computer and your phone screen in the evenings.” 

Swap coffee for herbal tea 

A caffeine fix might seem the natural solution to plummeting energy levels, but it can lead to an even bigger energy crash further down the line and disrupt your sleep if you’re not careful. Herbal teas are a much healthier way to perk yourself up. “Ginseng tea is great for energy and resilience,” explains Dominica Roszko, founder of vegerasta.com. “Ginseng is prescribed by herbalists to boost your resilience to stress and stress-related fatigue. It is also popular in China as a revitalising herb for the elderly. Other beneficial effects are: boosts the immune system, helps jet-lag and it is believed to increase fertility.”

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