3 Podcasts To Feel Better About Life

Plug into these life-affirming shows


We all have dark days, when it feels like there’s a cloud hanging over our heads and nothing can shake it off. This is the great thing about podcasts and video series – to help gee us along when life’s being a bit rubbish. Here are three to help lift you out of the doldrums… 

Heels Off: Season 2 Episode 4 – Mental Health and Social Media 

Although not technically a podcast, we love the Heels Off YouTube series, whenever we need a dose of general girl chat, dating advice, to beauty tips and beyond (not to mention the fact we have a serious style crush on all the ladies featured). In this episode the group discuss the impact of social media – and whether the common perceptions that it can contribute to depression are actually true or not. (After all, mental health issues were here long before social media…) The girls also offer vital tips on how to help friends struggling with mental health issues, and the importance of “getting the dialogue going” i.e. if there’s something on your mind – making sure you talk with friends, family and even your GP if things are getting too much for you.   


No BS Guide To Life - Give Yourself a F**king Break 

Sadly best friends Bangs and Lemara have taken a hiatus from their fantastic putting-the-world-to-rights podcasts, which became our slight obsession of 2016. But it’s definitely worth listening through their archives – especially this episode which is especially for all your workaholic, overachievers out there. The emphasis is about understanding and appreciating your own personal journey, rather than pitting yourself against your friends, work colleagues and former classmates. Think of these two as the wise older sisters you never had… No BS Guide to Life

RuPaul What’s The Tee w/ Michelle Visage – Becoming The Observer Of Your Mind

When the formidable RuPaul has worldly wisdom to dish out, we’re happy to put down whatever we’re doing and listen. The same goes for his equally voracious co-host Michelle Visage. Whereas each episode normally features a celebrity guest, this time, the two are “getting real” about dating the wrong people, coming to terms with father issues and learning how to ignore the internal inner dialogue that leads to negative feelings. We couldn’t think of two people we’d sooner go for Martinis with… RuPaul What's The Tee

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