12 lace-saving tips for your frontal

Celebrity hairdresser and weaveologist, Kevin Shanti, shares his expertise to avoid lacefront mishaps. Thank us later!

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Kevin Shanti is a celebrity hairdresser who has come up the Instagram rankings.

Kevin Shanti hosted his first wig-making masterclass in London

With a solid following of 15k and counting, he caught the eye of US singers Solange Knowles and Kelis who specifically requested that he tends to their coif when in London town. There are plenty of other celebrity names on his roster... OK, we'll name names: Presenter Maya Jama, Black Panther’s Laetitia Wright, Olympic athlete Perri Shakes-Drayton, Karen Bryson MBE and comedienne Little Miss Jocelyn - we were thrilled when Kevin found time to host his first wig-making masterclass.

And of course Spell was in attendance!

Students had one-to-one time with the celebrity stylist

1.     Use rubbing alcohol to clean the hairline. A clean surface will make the glue hold

2.     Wearing a wig cap helps to secure the wig and prevents it from slipping off

3.     Cut the lace back until it meets your hairline

4.      I recommend Got2b Ultra Glued Styling Gel (black packaging). It dries clearer, which gives the frontal more of a seamless look

Kevin shared his favourite product recommendations

5.      To get the best hold, gradually apply both a holding gel and spray. Again I recommend Got2b Ultra Glued Styling Gel and Blasting Freeze Spray

6.      To lay a perfect lace do it section by section. When gluing your wig down, always start from the middle and take it bit by bit

7.      Remember when it come laying your edges down; they are sisters not twins

Kevin's influential friends Ife and Breeny Lee were in attendance too

8.     To lay edges, it is better to use a rattail comb than a toothbrush because it's easier to get the swooping action

9.      Melt the lace by applying pressure with a satin scarf. The pressure from scarf will help the glue to melt into the lace giving it a scalp-like look.

10.     To get rid of any white residue, use a serum or give an extra blast with the Got2b Blasting Freeze Spray.

11.      When it comes to styling your frontal less is more.

12.     To achieve the best curls and bounce always when styling always curly away from the face.

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