11 reasons to wear braids

Rihanna's latest hairdo has us graving braids. If you need more reasons to rock the protective style, here they are...

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Jemima Cousins

Rihanna wore Ghanaian box braids to the Fenty NYC launch

1. Aside from their trendiness, they’re super versatile.Switch from leaving them as they are to a striking up-do in a matter of minutes!


2. It’s a protective hairstyle with very little manipulation.


3. Braids can help retain your hair length.


4. If your looking for a long lasting hairstyle, braids are the one.


5. Braids are inexpensive!

Play with colour without compromising your own hair


6. Ombre, bright or natural, take your pick! You can choose from a variety of colours.


7. Braids minimise tangling, knotting and overall breakage.


8. You can rock them in a short bob or waist-length likeJanet Jackson.


9.  Feel free to accessorise them with cuffs, beads or a head scarf.


10. Braids are low maintenance, so that means your morning routine can be cut down!  


11. If you’ve had your braids in for a while, rather than re-doing your whole scalp, you can just re-do the edges. Fresh looking braids without all the work!


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