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Award-winning bridal make-up artist Joy Adenuga gives us a foundation refresher course

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Joy Adenuga - Makeup Artist


Figuring out your skin’s undertone is crucial to finding the right foundation for you. There are three classifications: warm, cool and neutral. You know you’re wearing the wrong shade if your complexion looks washed out and ashy.

Concealer coverage

If you need some help disguising dark circles, put some concealer under your eyes before applying your base. Alternatively, if the area under your eyes doesn’t need colour correcting, you can apply concealer over the top of your base as a finishing touch.

Blend, blend & blend again

Always blend foundation over your neck and ears to really even out your skin tone and to eliminate lines of demarcation that can show up in pictures.


When applying foundation, start from the centre of your face and work outwards. This leaves you with the most natural looking finish and prevents mask-like edges - a big faux pas!

Acne prone

Make oil-free foundation your skin’s best friend. It won’t clog the pores like heavier formulas because it is water-based.

Prime time

Ward off a shiny T-zone by using a primer. This will prevent your foundation from breaking down during the day.

How to find the right foundation
Photography MCMLondon, Make-up Joy Adenuga using Clinique, Model Shedzi

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