10 reasons why we want Chloe Bailey's locs

Singer and red carpet sensation Chloe Bailey has unlocked the secret when it comes to wearing locs. Here's why we love her style.


Chloe Bailey is showing us how it should be done when it comes to rocking locs. Channelling the confidence of those who've come before her (let's not forget about dreadlock stalwarts Lauryn Hill and Lisa Bonet), Ms Bailey is cementing locs as a key element in her personal style, and it won't be long before the two become synonymous.

Here are 10 reasons why we want to copy her locs:

Chloe Bailey hair

1. Versatility

Together with the help of her hairstylist Fesa Nuza, the duo have shown that there are no limits when styling locs. Chloe wears hers in a number of different ways, including extravagant up-dos and more editorial looks.

Chloe Bailey hair

2. Championing natural hair

Finally, we are seeing rigid beauty standards changing as more celebrities are embracing natural hairstyles. Chloe's locs remind us that natural protective styling is here to stay.

Chloe Bailey hair

3. A new generation of locs

While many will remember the surge of celebrities wearing locs in the 90s, 23-year-old Chloe is reigniting the trend for her generation.

Chloe Bailey hair

4. Effortless styling

If there's a level of effortlessness to aspire to when it comes to protective styling, Chloe Bailey has set the bar. Her looks - though some can be elaborate - are always carried with such confidence that you'd think she had been rocking them for years.

Chloe Bailey hair

5. Cool girl summer

Chloe has provided us with all the inspo we need to keep ourselves cool this summer - we can't wait to hit the beach without working up a sweat!

Chloe Bailey hair

6. Outfit repeating

While we may not have access to all the latest designer clothes - and not to mention a fantastic stylist - we can switch up our looks with the help of Chloe's loc inspiration. No one would ever know that we've worn the same outfit on four consecutive weekends...

Chloe Bailey hair

7. Bejewelled locs

Magpies will love Chloe's use of embellishments in her hairstyles. Hair jewels are the perfect way to add even more bling to an outfit without going overboard.

Chloe Bailey hair

8. Up your selfie game

As the saying goes, 'your hair is 90% of your selfie'. So, channel Chloe's extremely photogenic looks to level up your 'Gram game.

Chloe Bailey hair

9. Feminine energy

Chloe Bailey exudes feminine energy on the red carpet, and her memorable hairstyles contribute greatly to this elegant image. While locs can be used in many ways, even to create edgy or bohemian looks, Chloe shows off their beauty in the best light.

Chloe Bailey hair

10. Easy peasy

While real locs might take a little longer to master, faux locs are incredibly easy to install and maintain!

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