10 reasons to get your lashes done by fully-trained technicians

From the protection of insurance to money-saving aftercare, there are many reasons to go to a professional for your lashes...

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1. Fully trained techs are more likely to be insured – your peace of mind if anything goes wrong.

2. They will carry out a full consultation, enquiring about your general health and specifically eye health, in order to check you are suitable for the treatment. (If they do not do this, RUN FOR THE HILLS!)

3. A fully trained tech will plan how your lashes are going to look, taking into account the condition of your own natural lashes and any corrections. They’ll also find out what sort of look you are after, and what shape actually suits you.

4. They will carry out a patch test at least 48 hours beforehand, to ensure you are not sensitive to any of the products used during treatment.

5. They will manage your expectations – if you come in wanting the longest, fullest look possible and you only have teeny-tiny lashes, they will work with you to help you understand the recommended look, in order to keep your lashes healthy.


6. They will wash and sterilise their hands and all tools, except those which are disposable.

7. The fully trained tech will advise you on how to prepare for your appointment, how to look after your lashes afterwards, and how to achieve longevity.

8. They will fully understand the materials they work with and will be able to explain any problems which may occur.

9. They will always follow the safety distance – lashes should be applied consistently 2mm away from the lid.

10. A fully qualified tech will show you the appropriate cleanser and applicator to use at home in order to keep your lashes sparklingly clean and free from infections.

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