10 beauty YouTubers to follow in 2020

Need to know how to nail a contour? Or get that hair masque recipe just right? These 10 beauty YouTubers will show you how it's done.


1. Mikai Mcdermott

Mikai's content covers everything from mental health to politics, and she'll show you how to create an amazing autumnal date night look in between!

Find her channel here.

2. Melachild

Witty and unapologetic, Melachild's larger-than-life personality doesn't hinder her ability to cover more serious beauty topics, like her phobia of pairing colourful lipsticks with dark skin.

Find her channel here.

3. Nissy Tee

Cambridge graduate Nissy Tee articulates herself so well in her videos, regardless of whether she's talking about her life as an entrepreneur, or filming a 'get ready with me'.

Find her channel here.

4. Jackie Aina

Hilarious and positive, Jackie Aina's videos will definitely leave you with a smile on your beautifully made-up face.

Find her channel here.

5. Aaliyah Jay

Possibly one of the most hilarious storytellers on YouTube (check out her video about when she met 'the sidechick'), Aaliyah Jay also SLAYS at make-up.

Find her channel here.

6. Patricia Bright

What would a list of our fave YouTubers be without Patricia Bright? Having recently collabed with Makeup Revolution, this is one woman who doesn't seem to stop when it comes to success.

Find her channel here.

7. Lydia Dinga

This self-dubbed 'internet sister' gives her honest opinions and stories on everything from eyebrow tinting to the real cost of travelling.

Find her channel here.

8. Jennie Jenkins

With a make-up collection and wardrobe that anyone would envy, Jennie Jenkins is a go-to source for knowledge and a down-to-earth viewpoint on these topics.

Find her channel here.

9. Laila

Laila's channel has so many amazing hairstyle tutorials - and you'll likely spot a theme in the background of her videos: plants! Alongside her love of beauty she also talks about her indoor garden and how to care for it.

Find her channel here.

10. Chanel Ambrose

Chanel's channel covers beauty, as well as her life as a mumpreneur and the best of the UK's plus size fashion.

Find her channel here.

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