Even if you didn't make it to Coachella, there's probably a festival closer to home that you're gearing up for. But several hours of moshing and sweating in the scorching head can spell disaster where our make-up's concerned. That's where this handy new invention comes in - the wonderfully-named Moxi Loves Eye Catcher, which costs less than fiver to boot. 

The idea for this is so mind-blowingly simple, we're surprised no-one else has thought of it. Basically these are cotton buds pre-dipped in make-up remover, so you can clean up smudges and remove stubborn mascara on the go, without taking up loads of space in your handbag. (It's much more gentle on those delicate lashes than scrubbing away with a make-up wipe.) A festival beauty SOS product if ever there was one.


The brainchild of nail artist Pamela Laird, these individually wrapped cotton buds can be 'activated' with a simple click, saturating the tip with make-up remover and making them ready to use. But these beauties aren't just for festivals - they're perfect clutch bag fodder for wedding season too (especially if you get a bit teary, watching your BFF walk up the aisle), not to mention nights out for those 2am make-up refresh sessions in the ladies' loos. They're also ideal for when you're hitting the gym after work to avoid a treadmill-induced mascara mishap. You get the idea. We now know what we'll be stocking up on this summer...

£3.95 Boots

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