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A beginner's guide to passion twists

It’s the protective style that's got everyone talking. Read on to learn about the smouldering hot styling trend that's set to dominate

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What we’ve learned from watching Becoming

Netflix’s new hit documentary on former FLOTUS Michelle Obama gives us a few valuable lessons on life, love and leadership

Four female bosses reveal how COVID-19 has impacted their lives

"For the 'girl bosses'... create a new normal outside of the place you call work/home and live!" - Erica Matthews, fashion stylist

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Is stress causing your breakouts?

Suffering from acne breakouts but don't know the cause? Find out if you should add stress to your list of acne triggers
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This new skincare brand is celebrating imperfections

With the tagline 'your skin doesn't need a solution, it needs a movement', we can totally get behind the ethos of this skincare brand
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Brits have been Googling glow-ups during lockdown

We spill the tea on what Brits have been Googling during lockdown, including advice on how to nail a pre-freedom glow-up
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10 style ideas for natural hair brides

Tying the knot? If you wear your hair natural, why should your wedding be any different? Get inspired with these unique natural styles.
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