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Add these brilliant books on black hair to your TBR pile

Maxed out on your pandemic reading material? Here are our recommended picks on the beauty and politics surrounding Afro hair.

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Gymbox launch rickshaw service for exhausted gym-goers

The London-based gym has announced the launch of a new service that will carry members home after their first post-lockdown workout!

Posts we're loving on Instagram right now

Pics & captions we’ve liked on the ‘gram in April 2021, from bomb braids to spring sunshine-reflecting make-up collections.

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Books to read before they hit the screen

Want to get ahead of the critics? Be a trailblazer and pick up these exciting page turners before they get the live action treatment.

Make-up for the mandem

Foundation is no longer just for women. In 2021, more men are including it in their daily routines than ever before.
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Plant Mamas: Meet the girls who garden

Thinking about turning your love of plants into a hobby? Check out these plant and garden communities for women of colour.

The 5 most popular beauty trends right now

Beauty by numbers: We look at the UK’s most wanted trends on the come up AND come down, from fox eye make-up to nose contouring.
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