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Use this tool for laid edges

Slick, swoop and define with this all-in-one tool for creating the sleekest edge styles - plus, it looks cute on your dressing table

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Save VS splurge: Scalp relief

We look at two products to relieve itchy scalps, soothes tension from protective styles, and condition the scalp and hair.

The best celebrity hairstyles of the 10s

As we settle into the new decade, we look back at the trends and styles that our favourite celebrities sported over the past 10 years

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7 must-try hair and beauty products in 2020

As we enter a new decade, we look to the next gen hair and beauty innovations worthy of your attention. Feast your eyes on these…
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Ed's choice this week: Passion twists

Protect your natural tresses with passion twists - the coily, carefree combo that unites goddess locs and Senegalese twists
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Spread the Word are looking to uncover the best emerging life writers

Could you be the next Roxane Gay? Do you have a story to tell? Enter this aspiring writers' competition with £1,500 up for grabs too

Target your winter skin woes with caffeine

Your morning coffee is a sure fire way to give you a kick - but do you know how effective caffeine is when it's applied to your skin?
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