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Must-know rules for wearing fake lashes

Lash technician Mimi Oviawe from Mimi's Studios in Bermondsey gives us her tips on how to get your falsies looking on point

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Pink makes a beauty comeback

Pink is the colour of the moment! Renowned make-up artist Banke Meshida Lawal gives us her tips on how to wear this juicy shade.

Coping with pigmentation in the summer

Tempted to bask in the sun? If you suffer from dark marks you will need to take extra precaution advise the Black Skin Directory

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Pat McGrath releases 36 shades of perfection

Her make-up artistry has obtain legendary status around the world, now Pat McGrath forges a new legacy with the launch Skin Fetish
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11 reasons to wear braids

Rihanna's latest hairdo has us graving braids. If you need more reasons to rock the protective style, here they are...
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Benefit Cosmetics Hello Happy Experience

No plans this weekend? Money is running low? Why not head on down to Benefit Cosmetics Hello Happy Experience. It's free!
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Transition your make-up for summer

Give your bog standard make-up a full blown summer makeover with these super simple tweaks and product recommendations
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