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How to hack rainbow hair

Don't dare to dye? The X-Pression Ultra Braid Pre-Stretched is the non-committal way to dip into this colourful hair trend.

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Meet the UK’s #YouTubeBlackVoices Creator Class of 2022

The platform's second cohort of black creators highlights talented artists and musicians across the world - how many do you follow?

7 reasons to tell your doctor about a mole

Most moles are harmless, but if your mole begins to change, it's wise to call your GP. Here's what you should look out for.

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LED face masks - are they worth the hype?

These at-home LED gadgets are the latest in beauty tech - but they aren't cheap. We ask the experts whether they're worth the spend.
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Must-read books of 2022

From fantasy sequels to an Oprah-approved dramatic novel, pre-order these exciting new titles now to get ahead of your 2022 TBR list.

Microbiome skincare: Probiotics for your skin

The latest trend in skincare considers not just your skin, but the good bacteria living inside it. Here's the lowdown.
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Can dry January save your skin?

An expert dermatologist explains the impact of alcohol on the skin and how to tackle ‘hangover’ skin in the wake of the party season.
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